Leak Detection on Buried Pipelines

If You Are Interested In S-T-R-E-T-C-H-I-N-G  Your Hydro-Test Budget By More Than 65% AND Finding Leaks Like These At Least 50% Faster, Then Here Are Four Compelling Reasons Why You Should Try Our Leak Detection Method!!!

#1: To Find Leaks with 99+% Accuracy!!

Our proprietary tracer gas Leak Detection System locates non-surfacing leaks in buried pipelines:

  • As small as a pinhead and with leak rates as little as one drop every seven minutes
  • At depths up to 20’ below ground
  • Under paved surfaces, in right-of-ways covered by trees or overgrown with brush, in standing water or flooded right-of-ways, muddy fields, shallow water and swamps and in all types of soils (including frozen)
  • In all types of inclement weather including high winds, rain and snow

#2: To Find Them 50+% Faster!!

Locating and repairing a non-surfacing leak using the Isolation and Excavation method on a 25 mile, 10” pipeline with valves every five miles could take seven to eight days before a leak is found (if found) and repaired. In 87% of our SF6 projects, all non-surfacing leaks were found within two days from leak detection initiation. If more leaks are present in other sections, the time savings increases exponentially.

#3: To Find Them 65+% Cheaper!!

The total cost of your Leak Detection project will be driven more from the accuracy, speed and effectiveness of the method used – not by a price sheet. Using the example described above, the total projected cost for using our Leak Detection System is 65% less than the Isolation and Excavation method. If more leaks are present in other sections, the cost savings also increases exponentially.

#4: To Be In Good Company!!

Alpha currently holds Master Service Agreements with over 30 national oil and gas transmission companies and is an approved vendor for over 200 others. Our Leak Detection System has been used successfully during over 700 hydrostatic and pneumatic pressure tests and has located over 3,000 non-surfacing leaks in projects in Southeast Asia, South America, the Caribbean and throughout over 30 states in the US. In 2003 alone, companies including ConocoPhillips, ExxonMobil, Kinder-Morgan, Marathon and Shell used our system to find leaks in over 740 miles of pipeline.

Stop Wasting Precious Time And Money By Cutting and Digging Repeatedly
In The Hope That You’ll Find Those *&%^$! Leaks!

You realize that some conditions, such as:

  • Pipelines with a history of failure (or perhaps unknown)
  • Pipeline Location and/or Age
  • New Pipelines that may have seam leaks or where sabotage is a concern and
  • Hydro-Tests where adherence to schedule and/or cost is critical . . .

. . . increase the likelihood of a leak and the negative consequences of schedule delays that can be caused by non-surfacing leaks. So, why not plan for the use of Alpha’s Leak Detection System from the start? By having Alpha’s technicians inject our tracer gas during the initial fill, Leak Detection activities can begin as soon as the line fails to hold pressure.

By locating them at least 50% faster and for 65+% less than you will using Isolation and Excavation, you preserve more of your Hydro-Test budget for future projects and get your pipelines back in operation faster. To see the detailed analysis used to support these time and cost savings projections, click here:

“Don’t Be Fooled By A Price Sheet –
See What You Will Really Pay to Find Your Non-Surfacing Leaks”

NO OTHER Leak Detection Method
Locates Non-surfacing Leaks with 99+% Accuracy!

Start S-T-R-E-T-C-H-I-N-G Your Hydro-Test Budget TODAY!!!

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