Leak Detection on Process Equipment

Alpha performs process equipment leak tests using our tracer gas system as approved in ASME B31.3 Paragraph 345.8 and ASME Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code Section V, Article 10.

By testing with a mixture of tracer gas and air or nitrogen, our system yields results quicker than the traditional helium test for finding leaks in pumps, towers, boilers, vacuum systems, process piping and equipment, and exchanger tube bundles because:

  • The tracer gas instrumentation is highly portable, self-supportive, and hand-held.  This allows for quick and easy access up ladders, around platforms, and inside confined areas.
  • Our tracer gas system can quickly scan large vessels, equipment, and piping systems due to the limited field preparation time required to execute each test.
  • Our system, unlike most helium tests, does not require the test area to be enclosed or “bagged” to ensure that the gas does not dissipate.
  • In some cases. the equipment can be tested while it is in operation.
  • More readings can be taken because the tracer gas instrumentation responds to each reading within 3 seconds and recovers within seconds after each reading. This allows for verification and re-verification of a leak in a very short time.

Because of the sensitivity and mobility of our instrumentation, Alpha’s technicians can pinpoint multiple leaks on a process system including flanges, valve and controller stems, packings, welds, and tube bundles with accuracy.  This allows the plant operator to cut fugitive emissions before the plant is brought on-line and allows the plant process equipment to run more efficiently.

Our system will easily find leaks that a hydro-test or bubble emission test cannot find.  This service saves our customers millions of dollars during emergency shutdowns because the units are back on-line in the shortest period of time.

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